Creating a safe haven that provides the basics of clean water, ample nutritious food, and warmth and safety is not a simple thing.  Beyond that we also hope to ensure that the teachers and care-givers at the orphanages have ample training to enable them to provide the best care possible.

It's not enough to just throw money at systemic problems. Unless the environment that creates the situation is changed using a slow, but aggressive shift in a basic ability to provide: the same cycle of poverty, disease, famine, and child mortality runs rampant.

Many families of the children you see here do not give them up because they are not loved. It is the opposite. They are loved so much that the family would rather their child be placed where they can receive enough food to survive.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  Orphanages struggle too.  

Who gives to the orphanages? Who is looking to improve conditions, or create self-sustaining mechanisms to alleviate the daily ongoing search for enough funds to buy food?  Who is on the ground working with these wonderful people who's only goal is to sustain life and enable healthy children to grow.

We do. We are. We need your help.

It really does take a village.


Uryadi's Village is a project of Empowerment WORKS, a US registered 501c3 charitable organization.

All contributions in support of Uryadi's Village are tax deductible as allowed by law. US residents please donate in USD and Canadian residents, please donate in CAD to receive your charitable donation receipts.

To donate to Uryadi's Village, please use the Paypal link below:

You can also send your donations by check directly to: Uryadi's Village, P.O. BOX1086, Sandpoint, ID 83864