Our Local Adoption Program


The mission of Uryadi's Village is to make sure that orphaned children in Ethiopia find a permanent home where they are loved, safe, and cared for, in a family style setting, rather than an institutional setting. This is why we have worked so hard to create Wolayta Village. This is our passion, and we have been incredibly privileged to work with the Ethiopian people to help them find a sustainable answer to this critical, heartbreaking challenge. Wolayta Village in Soddo is currently home to over 75 children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers.

International adoption has never been our focus, but rather, the empowerment of the local communities and people to be able to create a practical and sustainable solution for the children who are without families. In 2017, the local government offices that we partner with asked us if we would be willing to be the first children's home in our area to pioneer a new local foster care and adoption program, helping to connect the children we serve with local families who deeply desired to provide homes for them. This was a huge development for us, because what this meant was that we could help these children find forever homes, in their own community, and help to build a stronger, more resilient Soddo.

Last year, we piloted our foster care and adoption program, providing 3 training and education weekends for families interested in fostering and adopting children. It has gone so well that as of January 2018, 4 of our children were permanently adopted by local families. An additional 11 are living with loving foster families who have now become a part of our village. This isn’t a path we were initially looking for, but this path found us, and is such an ideal way to address the problem of children growing up in families. Our gratitude knows no bounds as we see these four children in the arms of their new families, and witness the sweetness of love, care, and tenderness being lavished on these babies. And you, as a supporter of Uryadi's Village have been an integral part of making this happen, so thank you to all of you!